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05 February 2013 @ 10:36 am
Current and recent input  

The above were given to me by my wonderful partner, who knows what I like, for what we like to call Kissmas. Less religious claptrap, more fun and relaxation.


  • Metalcast - A podcast curated by a bunch of European metalheads, with a variety of heavy sounds.
  • Twisted's Darkside podcast - Head-crushing beats from hardcore, industrial, and gabber DJs
  • Angela's Ashes, described version - This may be my favourite described movie, though I still haven't cracked open the plastic on District 9. I can only imagine how unrelentingly grim the book is.


  • House of Cards - A well-produced series about everything worthy of loathing in electoral politics. Do you like selfishness, scheming, and high-end temper tantrums? You'll like this show. It's an American retelling of a British series, which I intend to watch after I'm done watching Kevin Spacey stab everyone in the back.
  • The Invisible War - Rape culture is everywhere, including the US military. Some of the survivors tell their stories in this wrenching documentary.