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Well, this is disquieting.

Bonus oddness: the record-high amount of Antarctic sea ice, even as the surrounding and supporting Southern Ocean warms. Although the published interview on that subject doesn’t really provide a hypothesis for this effect, I’m willing to toss one out: melted continental fresh water is flowing into the ocean, perhaps enough to slightly reduce the salinity of the surrounding sea. This would raise the freezing point of the affected water, resulting in more solid chunks of water floating around.

Experiment: collect samples of liquid and frozen water from various points around the Southern Ocean and the continent. Compare with historical salinity levels, if available; otherwise, find a reasonable, measurable proxy for historical oceanic and continental salinity levels.

(Originally pounded out for my tumblr page. Yes, I have one of those wankfest things now. I have a good reason, though: the iOS client features larger, easier-to-read font than the Livejournal client.)

((No, I haven't posted in a while. At first, for many months, I simply felt unable to express lengthy ideas, or that whatever ideas I was producing were incomplete, inaccurate, unclear, unoriginal, not useful. Then. I was busy dealing with disasters. I'm OK now, and feel like pounding out some longer thoughts again. Fuck it; the first draft doesn't need to be perfect, not everything needs multiple editing passes, and I can post corrections later if a fact is incorrect or analysis is faulty.))

(((This has three parentheses, just because I can, dammit.)))


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