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Some barely-formed ideas

A beneficial form of socioeconomic organization is one founded on the knowledge that most people are just trying to get by, caring for themselves and those closest to them, and through the accumulated efforts of all makes that a wholly achievable standard, such that any who wish to have energy to spare for further efforts.

An adaptable, self-sustaining form of socioeconomic organization will acknowledge the essential autonomy and agency of each individual, within communities and collectives which exist as systems of support and mutual aid for the individuals they are composed of, at varying scales. Collective efforts must ensure that everyone’s basic physical and emotional needs are met, to make possible the cultivation of individuals’ thought and expression, as those personal efforts will inevitably affect the survival and development of the communities in which those individuals live.

No individual, being itself a cell or collective of cells among many, is ever truly alone; likewise, no collective can thrive unless its components are healthy and supported. The community cannot survive without the individual, and the individual cannot thrive without the community.

An individual may be able to survive without the support of other for long periods of time, but no individual cell or organism can survive forever, and the self-sustaining chemical reaction that is life as a whole will end, everywhere, unless we can figure out methods to avert or escape certain inevitable cataclysms, never mind the present detrimental effects of our behaviour. That will require immense amounts of individual and collective effort to develop better ways of living and communing, such that life on this planet can sustain itself long enough to ensure survival beyond this planet, this solar system, even this galaxy or form of reality. We may fail to leave much of a presence beyond our homeworld; no evolving chemical reaction anywhere may figure out a way of slowing, or even reversing, the eventual decay of the universe; but I can guarantee that if we don’t pull our heads out of our asses, individually or collectively, homo sapiens will pass from existence leaving only our mistakes, waste, and ruins for future intelligent life to study and learn from. I’d rather try to ensure, even if intelligent life as we know it is wiped out, that future self-aware, analytical organisms can continue the process of memetic storage and development, instead of having to start over from nothing.

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